June 27, 1999

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dj trainees work 8 (3:30-6:00AM) shifts, before graduating to real dj status


I Didn’t Like You Anyways:
The Donnas

For Pete’s Sake:The Monkees

From Yuh Hot:
Tanya Stephens
Dancehall Explosion ’99:

Weelanc Love: Queen Latifah

I Learned Merenguure, Man:
Robert Mitchum

Meet the Flinstones:b-52′s
Meet the Flinstones

Convento Di Sant’anna :
The English Patient

Oy:Gypsy Kings

So: Tracy Chapman

Place de Broukere:
The Quintent of the Hot Club of
San Francisco

Tamagotchi Baby:
The Eraserheads

Aloha Milkyway

My Own Worse Enemy:Lit

Nothing:Priscilla Lopez

Shootin’ Up in Vain:Eagle Eye CherryGo

End of the Beginning:
The Rembrandts

She’s Like the Wind:
Patrick Swayze
Dirty Dancing

Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack

Anatomy of a Murder
Duke Ellingnton

Anatomy of a Murder

Word Association:Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor
Saturday Night Live

1st Kiss vs. Everyday Sensastions:GirlfriendO
Surprise! Surprise

She’s So High:Tal Bachman

What is and What Should Never Be:

Led Zeppelin

Serenade No. 13 and a Little Night Music:

Bullet with Butterfly Wings:
Smashing Pumpkins

Duel of Fates :
London Symphony Orchestra

Star Wars: Episode 1

The Rainbow Connection:
Kermit the Frog
Muppet Movie

Someone to Watch Over Me:
Jodie Benson
Crazy For You

Battle of Who Could Care Less
Ben Folds Five

Accepting Applications at University:
The Three Way

We Kiss in the Shadows
King and I

Talk about Love
Chico and Delamar

Cheekyburger: Len

Walking After You: Foofighters

You’re So Fine: Garbage

Painty Paint Pots:

800 Cherries

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