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Johnny Cash Tribute…in the last hour of my show….wow….lot’s of Johnny Cash fans – some got pissed off I played music, other than his, after the tribute. He passed away, the day before….him and Jack Ritter.

Please Mr. Postman
The Marvelletts

Tell Mama
Etta James

The Last High
Dandy Warhols
Welcome to the Monkey House

Lemon Yellow Black
Jets to Brazil

Planet Home

Rock and Roll Machine

I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me

Asobi Seksu

Summer Salt
Kristin Hersh

Lucinda Williams
Without Tears


Ani DiFranco

El Train: Raumschmiere Remix

Anna’s Dream

Comin’ Round Again
Wayne Everett

Novocaine for the Soul
The Eels

How Light, a Potatoe Chip
Dalaba, Frith, Rieman, Kihlstedt

Kayhn Kahlor: Blue as Turqoise
Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

A Woman Will Do Wrong

Helen Smith
Miami Sound

Shoe People Join Bunny Fun Club
Shoe people

The New Guy
Devil’s Workshop Big Band
Idle Hands

Adventures in Stereo

In My Life
Johnny Cash
Ameircan IV

Bull Rider
Johnny Cash

San Quentin
Johnny Cash

Country Boy
Johnny Cash

A Boy Named Sue
Johnny Cash

Diamonds in the Rough

June Carter Cash

June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash
Ameircan IV

Four Marys

Julia Wolfe
String Quartet

Tell Me When Did the Fever Ended
Electribe 101

Six Days
DJ Shadow


Vivan Green

The Heavens
Juno Reactor

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Johnny Cash
Ameircan IV

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