Jonathan Lethem and KALX Radio

Filed under: KALX Musings — queenkv October 7, 2003 @ 9:47 am

The SF Chronicle posted this article:
Jonathan Lethem finds urban utopias lost in new novel

Lethem’s book new book: The Fortress of Solitude – is loaded up “with autobiographical sentiment”

According to this article, the writer lived 10 years in Berkeley, working at book stores and living off Telegraph. His book also highlights KALX Radio and his DJ fantasies – no, he wasn’t spinning music, but he was a fan of the station and he played on the KALX softball team – when he got the chance.

The last time I watched KALX staff play softball was a few years ago, at the annual picnic. It was amazing to watch folks attempt to bat away while puffing on their cigerattes – even more fascinating was when folks attempted to steal bases while holding on to their beer bottles – sipping them on base.

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