10.5.03 – Sunday Morning Outreach Program

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I got a call from the Cultural Affairs Director – asking if I could babysit the
Cultural Affairs Outreach – The Sunday Morning Show (10-Noon) – today…..I said sure, why not….

Typically, this show “captivates the Bay Area with exclusive music and interviews of local and national hip-hop and rap artists. Recent guests include Gravediggaz, Coolio, Craig Mack, Boogie Monsters, Champ MC, and Artifacts.”

Well…we did have a request for Grandmaster Flash – a listener first asked if I had any special effects to talk the way I do – I said no. Then he requested Grandmaster Flash – a mentioned that this group was performing in the Bay Area this weekend. Which is right – they’re going to be at Kelly’s Mission Rock, this Saturday evening.

….since the elections were around the corner, I figured, why not do something a little more political. So invited the Free Speech Director and the Co-President of the Berkeley ACLU to talk about their organization, the 39th Anniversary Celebration of Free Speech on the Berkeley Campus – which is featuring gubernatorial candidate Larry Flynt, and free speech.

here’s the playlist

clubbed to death – rob d

the spaces in between – bob holyroyd

round 2 – pole

rockit – herbie hancock – grand theft auto vol.5

the blues – andreas 13 – terminator x and the valley of the jeep beats

style (peter gunn theme) – grandmaster flash

set-it – the pacifics – the debut soundtrack

floor wax – dj zeph (featuring raashan ahmad)

american nightmare – malatesta – critical beats

right thing – dj shadow

coolin’ on the ave – freddy b and the mighty mic masters

flavor packet #2 – psychokinetics

no…you can’t kill yourself at a concert…

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…because the judge said so. so there.

NEWS.com.au reports that Circuit Court Judge John Lenderman blocked the group Hell on Earth – from peforming a concert that scheduled to have a terminally ill person commit suicide.

Spiritualized – a recent addition to our music library

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dotmusic posted this review on Spiritualized’s concert at the Electric Ballroom in London.

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