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OK – I was a bit rusty…doesn’t mean I couldn’t rock out…Thank you Mark for making a request….yeah yeah yeah….

Here’s my playlist:

(artist: track name : album)

Fantastic Plastic Machine: Take me to the Disco: Beautiful

Felix da Housecat: Madame Hollywood: Kittenz and the Glitz

Tracy and the Plastics: Queerion: Muscler’s Guide to Videonics

Adult: Pray for Pills: 7″ split EP w/Dirtbomb

Mae Shi: Spolis of Injury: Heartbeeps

Death Cab for Cutie: Photobooth: Forbidden Love EP

Dear Nora: Girl from the North Country: 7″ Split EP with Mates of State

I Am The World Trade Center: Shoot You Down (Minority Report Mix): 12″ split EP with Paper Lion

My Robot Friend: We are the Pet Shop Boys: Hot Action

Volt: Testbld: 12″ S/T

Danger Mouse and Jemini: Ghetto Pop Life: 12″

Matthew Shipp: Blood to the Brain: Harmony and Abyss

Bucc Rogerz: Transmitting Live: 12″

Romane Acoustic Quartet: Symphonie: Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing

Solvent: Wish: Elevators and Oscillators

Apparat: Cheap Thrills: 12″ Can’t Computerize it!

Modeselktor: Kill Gates: 12″

The Russian Futurists: Hurtin’ 4 Certain: Our Thickness

Luxury Tax: 90 Lb. Girlfriend: 7 ” Split EP w/Mad EP

Shoplifting: Hegemony Enemy: 7″

Omega Cinco: Triton: 7″

Sleater Kinney: Big Big Lights: 7″ split EP w/Cypher in the Snow

The Muffs: I’m Here I’m Not: Really Really Happy

Erase Errata: Tounge Tied: Other Animals

Say Hi to Your Mom: Poor Pete is a bit Self-Concious: Ferocious Mopes

Neko Case: Train from Kansas City: Tigers have Spoken

Death by Chocolate: While I’m Still Young: Zap the Hood

The Old Haunts: Vandal Hymn: Fallow Field

Get-Go: Transistor Kisses: 7″

Sole: Banks of Marble: Live from Rome

RJD2: Backyard Burger: Constant Elevation ‘say word’ mix

Boom Box 2000: Milk Toast: Hits and Giggles

Fantastic Plastic Machine: Beautiful: Beautiful

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