Queenkv’s Aural Fixations – Episode 12

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My first podcast for 2006. I’m still in Kansas and we’re featuring artists from all over the place: California, Canada, Lawrence and the Philippines. Yeah Baby! I recorded the mic breaks before dawn – so I sound tired. I couldn’t get rid of the my Powerbook’s fan noise – so I applied the ‘noise removal’ feature in Audacity. That’s why my voice sounds so warped. Sorry.

Here’s Episode 12′s playlist…aka…stuff that I played for the podcast.

(Song – Artist – Album)

Hot Mint Air Balloon – Deerhoof(Satomi Matsuzaki, Greg Saunier, Chris Cohen, John Deiterich) – Green Cosmos [EP]

Double Dragon 2 (Story, and Boss music) – The Advantage – The Advantage

Harebrained Scheme – Freezepop – Freezepop Forever

The Backspace Statement – Superargo (Adam Jeffers) – The Backspace Statement

Short Road Down – Kid606 – Resilience

Pelican Narrows – Caribou(Dan Snaith) – The Milk of Human Kindness

Fade Away – Jenni Alpert – Pieces

Black Crow – Jenni Alpert – Pieces

Bulong – Kitchie Nadal – Kitchie Nadal

For Sale – Dealership – TV Highway to the Stars

Turbulence – Aubrey – Honey and the Shame

Mic Break Music
Outside After Bedtime – Cagey House – Steel Tantrum

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