First show on KSPC – 88.7 FM

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OK – I was a bit rusty…doesn’t mean I couldn’t rock out…Thank you Mark for making a request….yeah yeah yeah….
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tomorrow morning – 12/6/03 – from 6-9 AM…….

only on 90.7 FM – KALX Berkeley

sigh….I feel really sad about it all. I’ve been dj-ing at KALX since 1999…..time went by too fast.

well – it should be a fun show – I plan on updating this blog with my playlist additions….you can also chat with me online – through the tag board (it’s in the right-hand column – see it? there you go!)

any requests? email me or leave a message on the tagboard!

video killed the radio star – dictionaireoke

jeanne, if you’re ever in portland – casiotone for the painfully alone

cathode momma – krisma – S.H.A.D.O Electro

Get Your Truck – Jeffrey Taylor and Ned Rifle – Flirt

The 15th – Fisherspooner

A Magical Connection – Pizzicato 5

A Monologue for an Old True Love – Isobel Campbell – Amorino

Eighties Fan – Camera Obscura – Biggest Blue HiFi

Heatwave – Shonen Knife

My Baby Cares just for Me – Nina Simmone

The Shape of things to Come – 13th Power – Wild in the Street

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club – Jimi Hendrix

Full Moon Light – from Devil Hunter Yohko

Lust to Love – GoGos

Like Sonny – John Coltrane

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Wesley Willis

Runnin Down a Dream – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Rock and Roll Creation – Spinal Tap

Jenna Lee – The Little Killers

East LA – Manic Hispanic

Waiting Room – Fugazi

Unseen Power of the Picket Fence – Pavement – No Alternative

Mogwai for Satan – Mogwai

waltz 2 from jazz – royal concertbau orchestra – eyes wide shut

the lindbergh palace hotel suite – mark mothersbaugh – the royal tennebuam

just like honey – jesus and mary chain – lost in translation

more than this – bill murray

sora to umi to niji no yume – bust a groove

everybody to the limit – strongbad

the thrill of it – roxie

trois gymnopedies – aldo ciccolini

frontier psychiatrist – the avalnches

last dance – donna summer

chicago girlfriend – siamese sex show

over the rainbow/what a wonderful world – finding forrester

10.11.03 – playlist

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sloppy morning….just waking up – screwing up….had two requests:

sisters of mercy – one of the early tunes – something upbeat
something from the new peaches album: fatherfucker

dancin’ in heaven – q-feet

we have arrived – aphex twin – classic aphex

sexy boy (beck remix) – air

insect digestion melancholy – hrvalski

aftermath – metropolitcan rhythm kings – metropolis

floor show – sisters of mercy

back it up boys – peaches – fatherfucker

trashy day dreams – clorox girls

going to marry mom – mister rogers

chopin’s rondo for 2 pianos, op. 73 – fredric chiu

humanity – a guy called gerald

l’amour a 3 -stereo total – musique automatique

above you, below me – music by badly drawn boy – about a boy soundtrack

miles davis’ all blues – danny thompson trio – live 1967

dream a little dream – tony bennette and k.d. lang

the drinks we drank last night – azure ray

deliver us from broken glass – elephant micah – your dreams are feeding back

euphoria – bart davenport

oye comova – santana

ponte en algo – joe bataan – subway joe

rawhide – ol’ dirty bastard – return to 36 chambers

track 1 – dj shadow – diminishing returns (bbc session recorded: 3.29.2003)

al-naa fiysh (the soul) – hashim – grandtheft auto, vol 5

i’ll be there (mutiny remix) – weekend players

can you find the heart – ananda project

i didn’t mean to turn you on – robert palmer

ca viewing – erase errata – at crystal palace

one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, 4 – bikini bumps -split 7 ” with lipstick pickups

future world – a frames

ya rayah – dahame el harrachi – arabia

summer holiday – paiminder chandha, sangeeta, vibha – bhaji on the beach soundtrack

marian the librarian – robert peterson – the music man soundtrack

people – moodyman

sangaredi – art ensemble of chicago – tribute to lester

10.5.03 – Sunday Morning Outreach Program

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I got a call from the Cultural Affairs Director – asking if I could babysit the
Cultural Affairs Outreach – The Sunday Morning Show (10-Noon) – today…..I said sure, why not….

Typically, this show “captivates the Bay Area with exclusive music and interviews of local and national hip-hop and rap artists. Recent guests include Gravediggaz, Coolio, Craig Mack, Boogie Monsters, Champ MC, and Artifacts.”

Well…we did have a request for Grandmaster Flash – a listener first asked if I had any special effects to talk the way I do – I said no. Then he requested Grandmaster Flash – a mentioned that this group was performing in the Bay Area this weekend. Which is right – they’re going to be at Kelly’s Mission Rock, this Saturday evening.

….since the elections were around the corner, I figured, why not do something a little more political. So invited the Free Speech Director and the Co-President of the Berkeley ACLU to talk about their organization, the 39th Anniversary Celebration of Free Speech on the Berkeley Campus – which is featuring gubernatorial candidate Larry Flynt, and free speech.

here’s the playlist

clubbed to death – rob d

the spaces in between – bob holyroyd

round 2 – pole

rockit – herbie hancock – grand theft auto vol.5

the blues – andreas 13 – terminator x and the valley of the jeep beats

style (peter gunn theme) – grandmaster flash

set-it – the pacifics – the debut soundtrack

floor wax – dj zeph (featuring raashan ahmad)

american nightmare – malatesta – critical beats

right thing – dj shadow

coolin’ on the ave – freddy b and the mighty mic masters

flavor packet #2 – psychokinetics

9.27.03 – Playlist

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some positive feed back on:
a mashnote by daedelus

and a request for:
new music machine – cornelius – fantasma

and somebody seriously had a problem with:
leave the city music – elettronica viva
…poor baby, he said he had to change the channel….that he was looking for some continuity….yeah…it’s difficult to get use to a free-format station, i know.

and she was – talking heads

guitar man – elvis presley

too young to die – jamiroquai

move up – si begg

cannabis leaf rag – nicholas payton

yesterday – shirley horn

new music machine – cornelius – fantasma

rollover dj – jet – dirty sweet

chega de saudade – yo yo ma – obrigado brazil

michelangelo 70 – astor piazzolla – y su quinteto

symphony no 5 adagietto – uri caine – primal light

what’s up pussycat – losfeld

looking from a hilltop – section 52 – cool as ice

painkillers – depeche mode

leave the city music – elettronica viva

looking for a kiss – ny dolls

lady – mando diao – motown blood ep

electric boots – slumber party

moonpie eating – soul junk – 1958

hitman clorox girls

step into my office, baby – belle and sebastian – dear catastrophe waitress

freedom – jurassic 5

peace, land, and the west bank – noam chomsky – emerging framework of world power

american nightmare – malatesta – critical beats

human race – human race – dis-jointed

a mashnote – daedelus

undress me now – morcheeba

around midnight – gotan project meets chet baker

port au prince – spaced iz – voodoo 1

tanga – speedy j

london calling – bruce springsteen and elvis costello

can’t you see that he’s mine – the bristols

samba de bencao – baden powell


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crossroads – elliot goldensthal – titus
thursdays keeper – the orb
pera baja daruvo – radha – radha
flinch – carla kihlstedt
lupin the 3rd – yoshide otomo
final – astor piazzolla – adios nonino
trip to brazil – presto
nino – orishas
se e tarde me perdoa – luciana souza – north and south

hey sister – monguito santamaria
oye mi guguanco – the latin blues band – take a trip pussycat
dr. worm – they might be giants
12 pak 599 – granddaddy
triton – omega cinco
a place called home – pj harvey
sveltino – caruso – you heard me
concerto in g minor: handel – andre lardot – oboe, chamber orchestra of the vienna state opera
this little life of mine – spiritualized – amazing grace

the dream of a dayflower – riley lee and satsuki odamura – picture dreams
zipper – tujko noriko
invisible tomorrow – puffy amiyumi
sooner – asobi seksu
what shall we do next – what shall we do next – strangely beautiful
sexy dress – psychokinetics
ya soshla s uma – tatu
tunisian coc and bianca riberio – oz
true blues – the last poets

hold on – radio mundial – la raiz
don’t get around much anymore – harry connick jr. – when harry met sally
carmella (four tet remix) – beth orton
we are mice – azure ray – the drinks we had last night
there there – radiohead – hail to the thief
this is our emergency – pretty girls make graves
douliou douliou st tropez – genevieve grad – pop pop piagalle
an elephant’s swan song – thai elephant orchestra
psycho – the fabulous mark III – texas funk


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Johnny Cash Tribute…in the last hour of my show….wow….lot’s of Johnny Cash fans – some got pissed off I played music, other than his, after the tribute. He passed away, the day before….him and Jack Ritter.

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bolero:pink martini
the * dawn:felix da housecat
invisible pedestrian:bent:programmed to love
helicopter:pop off Tuesday
go west:pet shop boys:very
electric boogaloo:pistel electronic dub collective
it’s your thing:george semper and the rhythm kings
I turn you on:latin breed
glory of love:otis redding

a little schubert:momus:oskar teen champion
megaman II: bubbleman:the advantage
the prakriti – purshua mix:dj cheb I sabah
vikram the vampire:talvin singh:ok
I want to be your matador. Your bullfighter:lisa dewey:weatherchanger girl
where am i:mono:one step more and you die
nothing can stop us:sainte etienne
a complicated song:weird al

the game of love:santana and michelle branch
daydream believer:shonen knife
car parked, girl crying:malboro chorus
earth is the best:the phenomenauts
baby gene:the bristols
psychedelic senate:the senators:wild in the street
santa maria, pepe braddock mix:gotan project
prokeif’s symphony #5, in b flat major:cleveland orchestra, george szell:conductor
track 3:sigur ross

shoe people are not ashamed:foibles
love song for no one:john mayer
lenin was a good man:14 year old girls
sckatt mind you:ex girl
dear mr. and mrs. Troublemaker:all girl summer fun band
charlene:elvis sinatra
price of love:client
bharboo of pakistan remixes:muslimgauze
a little less conversation:junkie xl, elvis

sugar buzz:electrocute
crazy beat:blur

05.31.03 – playlist

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young hearts run free
candi stanton
studio 54

why can’t I be you?

comustible edison
four rooms

summer boy

velvet barbed wire
les baton rouge
chloe yurtz

the very last time
the maydays

kuku session
astral pilot

the funky lowlives

brahm’s rhapsody in e-flat
misha dichter

tomba lontana
john adams

I’ll be there for you
weekend players

india arie

sun celebration


not the same
the apples

kid 606′s retreat the most familiar
erase errata
dancing machine

I love my daddy


it had to be you
benny goodman

besame mucho
diana krall

living room
max roach and his chorus and orchestra

queremos paz
goatan project
la revancha del tango

amel tanto
nara pede

mi botijia

isaac oveido y su familia

everybody wants some

only time and I’m dead
captain crunch
back in blue – ep

the saddest vacant lot in all the world


jackson cannery
ben folds five

california oranges

strict machine

kick in the shin

back home

rufus harley
re-creation of the gods

everything but the girl

rainbow connection
kermit the frog

05.3.03 – playlist

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they can’t take that away from me
frank sinatra and natalie cole

six days
dj shadow

hollywood rabbits

the dive


piano concerto in d minor: allegro
svjatoslav richter

non mi imamoro diu
johnny donelli and catherine spaak

music to watch girls by
bob crewe generation

numbers ee-uh!

she’s telling lies
apples in stereo

horrified eyes
the starvations

madame superman


the 15th

kick in the shin
anxiety always

la vie en rose

tony bennet and k.d. lang

cyndi lauper

blister in the sun
violent femmes

blue Monday
new order

banana chips
shonen knife

gary glitters eyes
the briefs

tracks of my tears
smokey robinson and the miracles
the big chill

something to talk about
badly drawn boy
about a boy

mean man
betty harris

I don’t wanna cry no more
the shirelles

yesterday’s news
gossip movement

assim so vai chorar
os vips

mean things
paula fraser

new star to the sky


shape of things to come
the 13th power
wild in the streets

the making of ultraman
japanese telecom

track 4

sigur ros

the setup
cabaret voltaire

martin L. gore

3 pieces for string quartet
the claremont quartet

california blues
buffalo daughter

machine’s dream
nobukazu takemura

critical beats

evil ways

the brothers seven
texas funk

disco breaks
art of funk

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