By the Head of a Horse….

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My honey and I are doing a tango for our first dance….at our wedding…next month. We wanted to dance to the tango from True Lies…

The music and lyrics are by Carlos Gardel y Alfredo Le Pera (1935). The tune…Por una cabeza – and it translates: “By the head of a horse.”

Romantic, no?

In True Lies and Scent of a Woman – the Tango Project performed the music…..

I can’t wait to dance the Tango with my new husband :0
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Got my playlist back from last week…

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So I uploaded the new playlist…check it out..’k?

New Podcast Feed…

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Hey folks…OK blipmedia is a bit shoddy…and flaky…So, I figured out a better way to stream these podcasts…

Subscribe to new episodes of Queenkv’s Oral Fixation. You can subscribed to this feed in iTunes 4.9. Click on “Advance” – “Subscribe to Podcast” and then paste this link into window that pops up.


So…what are you waiting for?

thank you feedburner! And thank you to the Internet Archive for hosting this feed…yeah!

Queenkv’s Oral Fixation – Episode 2 – now broadcasting on 1550 KYCY-AM

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OK – I managed to get back in the saddle with this podcasting business. Last week – I had all my tracks lined up for my next episode – but then my mom went to the hospital. So, I had to juggle my priorities on the podcasting project.

So, I found a title for my podcast series – “Queenkv’s Oral Fixation” – my honey came up with the title on our road trip from San Francisco to LA. I figured, it works….and it makes people intrigued….and well…why not?

A few notes on my last podcast (Queenkv Getting Digital – Ep. 1). I uploaded it to KYOU Radio – and it was added to their line-up earlier this week. Sweetness! Which means – my podcast was scheduled with their regular programming – not just online – but on 1550 KYCY-AM…..neato! Wow…did not know Infinity Broadcasting owned KYOU Radio. Interesting.

Online listeners get to comment/vote on their favorite shows – and that determines which popular shows KYOU Radio keeps in its line-up. So – I’ll let folks know when my show is on….and please please folks – VOTE VOTE for my next podcast – OK?

OK – now here are the times you can listen to Episode 2 – live:
1:00 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM (Episode 1)
5:00 PM
8:00 PM (Episode 1)

Here’s the mp3 of Queenkv’s Oral Fixation – Episode 2
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July 15, 2005 – TGIF

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TGIF – Queenkv’s back on…these Friday shifts are getting to be the norm for me. I should have asked for two shows…then Queenkv would have been called “Super” Queenkv on the schedule. Yeah, something like that.

artist – song – album

Octopus Project – All of the Champs that Ever Lived – One Teh Hundred Thousand Million

Bran Flakes – Good times at GooGoo – Bounces

Ladybug Transistors – Massachusetts – 7″

Polvo – Twenty White Tents – Shapes

Whitman – Mouth Full of Matches – Horse Feathers

Pit Er Pat – Big Pants – 7″ Split w/Icy Demons

Numbers – We Like Having Things – The Art Rocker Sampler

Tussle – Disco D’Oro – Kling Klang

Betu Erku – Sambina – I’m OK You’re OK

Flux Capacitor – Watching The Sunset For the Last Time – 7″

Tiger Saw – R U Courageous – Gimee Danger Gimee Sweetness

Ghosts and Vodka – Stoli on the Rocks – 7″

Jim Yoshii Pile-up – Jay Jay Johnson – S/T EP

Death Cab for Cutie – Title and Registration – Transatlaticism

The Quails – No.1 – We are the Quails

Epoxies – Please Please – S/T

Crack: We Are Rock – Mount Shine – 7″

Cuts – Git Rid of Him

The No No’s – The Damage Done – Tinnitus

Entre Rios – De Tener – Onda

Drop the Lime – Amrcrd Gold – This Means Forever

Astor Piazolla – Tanguedia – Rough Guide to Astor Piazolla

Boom Box 2000 – Metropocalpyse – Hits and Giggles

Peppermints – Bad House – 7″ split w/Firefighters for Christ

Teen Wheat – Marlon Brando – Ola Wheat

Some Girls – A Sick Cult – The DNA Will Have it’s Say

No Neck Blues Band – I Am Victor Hugo – 7″

Why? – Sandollars – Sandollar EP

The Love of Everything – I Love You Guys Slow – Split w/ Mt. Eerie

Carlos Garder – Tortazos

Freezepop – Parlez-vous Freezepop

Unrecognizible Now – 29 + Holding

Thursdays Rule!

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I need coffee….I only had a a tall mild from Starbucks. I need more. More caffinee.

Now, here’s my playlist for today…

(Artist – Song – Album)

Stereo Total – l’amour ‘a’ 3 – musique automatique

Yasushi Miura – Chinese Masquerade – Circus

Vox Vermillion – Smitten – Standing Still You Move Forward

Belle and Sebastien – Dirty Dream #2 – The Boy with the Arab Strap

Oneida – Best Friends – 7″

Sleater-Kinney – All Hands on the Bad One – All Hands on the Bad One

Mary Timony – I Fire Myself – Mountains

Gogogoairheart – When Introductions Begin – 12″

Mice Parade – The Boat Room – Bem-vinda Vonbade

The Mae Shis – Rasie up the Judges – 10″ – To Hit Armor Class

Seadiver – Apres le de luge, nous – Homemade Hits Vol. 2

Mia Doi Todd – Deep at Sea – Manzanita

Mia Doi Todd – Bound feet and feathered – Zeroone

Dead Kennedys – Back in the USSR – Live at the Deaf Club

Erase Errata – White Hourse – Live at the Eagle Tavern

Neko Case – This Little Light of Mine – Tigers Have Spoken

Ogreish Organism – Hikari Shi – 7″

Schwabingrad – Moderne Welt – s/t

Hive – Nuplanet – 12″

Boy Robot – Super Scorer – Rotten Cocktails

Casino v. Japan – Moonlupe – Whole #’s Play the Basics

Motormark – God Only Knows – Chrome Tape

Volt – I Don’t Feel So Good – 12″

Ruins – - Dagdad – Vrresto

Takako Minekawa – Fantastic Cat – Roomic Cube

Casiotones for the Painfully Alone – Jeanne, if you’re ever in Portland – Twinkle Echo

Entre Rios – Drama – Onda

Stereo Total – Automatic Music

Fantastic Plastic Machine – Lotto

Fill-in Shift….Friday, Friday, TGIF, Friday

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Well….I feel better today – I got my coffee….gave away tickets to a KSPC event – Kid 606 at Koo’s on Saturday, July 16. Should be a rockin’ electronica show….

Here’s my playlist…

Artist – Song – Album

Astor Piazolla – Milonga Del Angel – Rough Guide to Astor Piazolla

Caribou – Lord Leopard – Milk of Human Kindness

Matmos – On and On – 7″ Split w/Die Montir Batss

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Normal Suburban Lifestyle Is a Near Impossibility – Answering Machine Music

Bran Flakes – Bounces – Bounces

Dressy Bessy = Said You Would – 7″

Quetzatl – Nutational Helicity – Tales from the Oxygen Den (comp)

Kleenex Girl Wonder – Leave Me – Pony Oak

Helium – Termite Tree – 7″

Say Hi To Your Mom – Yeah, I’m in Love with an Android – Ferocious Mopes

Iso 168 – Isoloop 117 – 7″

The Russian Futurists – Hurtin ’4′ Certain – Our Thickness

Kid 606 – Dodgy – GQ on the EQ

Kevin Blechdom – Jelly Donuts – 7″

Kid 606 – My Kitten Went to London – GQ on EQ

Electric Birds – Siampic – S/T

Mae Shi – Vampire Zoo – Terror Bird

The Moths – Twighlight’s Land – 7″ Split w/The Faeries

Holly Golightly – Mellow Down Easy – 12″ Up the Empire

Mice Parade – The Days Before Fiction – Bem-Vinda Vontada

Saturday Looks Good to Me – The Girl Distracted – 7″ The Girl Distracted

Vox Vermillion – Controller – Standing Still You Move Forward

Icy Demons – Jump Off – 7″ Split with Pit Er Pat

The Octopus Project – The Adjuster – One Ten Hundred Thousand Million

Timonium – Red Pawn – Until He Finds Us (by request)

Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine – Minimum-Maximum (by request)

Jason Forrest – The Lure of You – Lady Fantasy EP

Motomark – I’m About To Do Something – Chrome Tape

Kings of Convenience – Failure – S/T

Casiontone for the Painfully Alone – Rice Dream

Lazy Summer-day shift…

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Boy – my contacts were dry and I felt so sleepy! More coffee…I didn’t have any today. eeck!

On to my playlist….and in case you missed my show – i’m filling in a dj shift tomorrow, Friday, from 2-4pm….tune into 88.7 FM – yeah baby!

Artist – Track – Album

Arling and Cameron – Le Flic et la Fille – Music For Imaginary Films

Ladytron – Miss Black – Commodore Rock

Boom Bip – Boom Bip – 7″ Split w/Daedelus

Bitesize – The Bees Knees – Sophmore Slump

Rocket from the Crypt – Who Let the Snakes In? – 12″ S/T

The Ex – The Sky is Blue Again – Disturbing the Domestic Peace

Pope – Jazz – Society of Friends

Erase Errata – Live Track – 7″ Live at the Eagle Tavern

Cinerama – See Thru – Cinerama Holiday

Apples in Stereo – I Can’t Believe – Discovery of the World Inside the Moon

Catch a Wave – New Jersey – S/T

Mahmoud Ahmed – Bemen Sebeb Letlash – Rough Guide to the Music from Ethiopia

I Am The World Trade Center – Teddy Breakfast – 12″ Holland Tunnel

Kid 606 – My Kitten

Populous – Canoe Camoo – Queue for Love

Once Dreamnt – Space Traveler – Drifting

Bad Dudes – Bad Dudes – 7″ Split w/The Pope

!!! – Take Ecstasy with Me – Take Ecstasy with Me

Tomas Anderson – Washing up (Tiga Remix)

Devolver – Arrow

The Faeries – Stardust’s Song – 7″ Split w/Moths

Damien Jurado – Sucker – On my way to Abscence

Gravy Train – Ghost Boobs

Tracy and the Plastics – At the Gold and Diamond Center

Elevator Action – Models Wanted

Arab on Radar – Menstrating Thrills

Manhead feat. Christan Kreuz – Dancer – Birth School Work Death

Mohammed Rafi – Yeh Ladka Hai Allah – Rough Guide to Bollywood Legends

Arling and Cameron – Let’s Get High

Queenkv Getting Digital

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Well…I think I figured out this whole podcasting business….I found a free podhosting site:….My profile doesn’t show up…but it took my first podcast show: “Queenkv Getting Digital.”

I mixed the music and VO tracks with audacity. It’s pretty user friendly…and it exports the project files into MP3.

So – this is kinda how my radio shows sound…just shorter. I also added a story on webcasting. I filed a few year’s ago for my newsmagazine on KALX.

Here’s the link to the “Queenkv Getting Digital” – podcast feed. You can subscribed to this feed in iTunes 4.9.. Click on “Advance” – “Subscribe to Podcast” and then past this link into window that pops up.


And if you have problems with that – you can also download the MP3.


Let me know what you think about my new show!

PS – I can also take music requests – just let me know!
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