Queenkv’s Aural Fixations on KYOU Radio

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Yeah! My third episode of aural fixations is now on KYOU Radio.

Like my other shows, this podcast is scheduled with their regular online programming and on 1550 KYCY-AM


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OK – now here are the times you can listen to Episode 3 – live:
2:00 AM
10:00 AM
6:35 PM

Only 3 more shows to go…

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Well – two live ones and one pre-recorded. I’m getting married in two weeks and three days – it’ll be tough to do a show while I’m on my honeymoon in Mexico.

Lot’s of requests….I had no idea we didn’t have Aphex Twin in our library. Grrr.

Artist – Song – Album

Joan of Arc – Onomatopoepic Animal Faces

Omar Mollo – Nostalgias – Rough Guide to Tango Nuevo

April March and Los Cincos – Baby Blue

Lisa Kate – Anclote – 7″ w/Rachel Jacobs

Ice Demons – Jump Off – 7″ w/ Pit er Pat

Oneida – High Life – The Wedding

10 in the Swear Jar – San Jose Fight Song – Accordion Solo

Brainiac – Go Freaks Go – Internationale

Four Tet – Spirit Fingers – Rounds

Daedelus – Just Briefly – Exquiste Corpse

Ray Garden – The Chicks – 7″ w/Dick Penner

Sanddollars – Sick 2 Think – Why? Ep

Kaspil – Deliverance – Missing Link

Eats Tapes – Cue My Tan or Ban Me – Sticky Buttons

Braid – Please Drive Faster – 7″

Joanna Newsome – Inflammatory Writ – The Milk-eyed Mender

Call Me Lightning – We Be Dragons – The Trouble We’re In

Gogogoairheart – Real Live Kill – 7″

Aquamen – Rice and Beans – Do the Alkeehol

Motormark – God Only Knows – Chrome Tape

Felix da Housecat – She Lives – Kittenz and Glitz

Little Plastic Pilot – A Sam Is Born – s/t

Dino Felipe – uVVu and Climb – I’m You

DMX Krew – Mosignor – 12″

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push Air – ArtRockers Sampler

Furtips – Selection Kat

Japancakes – Untitled One – Waking Hours

My Morning Jacket – West-end Girls – Ch 2: Learning: Early Recordings

Apples in Stereo – Ruby

Joanie Mendehall – Give Up

Eats Tapes – Acid, It’s What’s for Dinner – Sticky Buttons

Black Eyed Peas’ Apl – Standing up for Pinoy Pride

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My honey sent me this SF Chron story about Apl from Black Eyed Peas.

He’s composed several rap tunes for his group with Filipino influences. In fact – Bebot – the lyrics are in Tagalog. Cool.

The dude’s from a “poor, working class family in Sapang Bato, a small barrio in Pampanga, north of Manila.” And he goes back whenever he can. Apl due the reporter he get’s his mom to cook shrimp and adobe everytime he goes home.
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Encore presentation of Queenkv on KYOU Radio

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Episode 2 of my Oral Fixation show is back on KYOU Radio. Joy! Which means – my podcast was scheduled with their regular programming – not just online – but on 1550 KYCY-AM

Online listeners get to comment/vote on their favorite shows – and that determines which popular shows KYOU Radio keeps in its line-up. So – I’ll let folks know when my show is on….and please please folks – VOTE VOTE for my next podcast – OK?

OK – now here are the times you can listen to Episode 2 – live:
5:00 AM
1:00 PM
5:00 PM
9:00 PM

Note on Episode 3

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It looks like the entire show didn’t upload to the Internet Archive. So I’m re-uploading it now. I’ll let you know when it’s available on my podcast feed.


5:22 – UPDATE – Nevermind – something was up with my iTunes…so it works folks. It works.

Queenkv’s Aural Fixation – Episode 3

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Get Episode 3 – now!

This show mixes up more indie music, soundtracks and electronica. Eats Tapes, Dresden Dolls, Bitesize and Jem are featured. I also adds in a travel review about Western New York – a Cali girl staring at Niagara Falls….

I hope you like it!

A word on the name change – Mark got annoyed with me when I missed the verbal play on the word “aural” – that’s what he meant for the name of my podcast series….he was right – it’s a cool name and it appealed to folks with a yen for innuendo.

And for new people – Subscribe to new episodes of Queenkv’s Aural Fixation. You can subscribe to this feed in iTunes 4.9. Click on “Advance” – “Subscribe to Podcast” and then paste this link into window that pops up.
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Playlist for 8.4.05

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So…it sounded like my show went off the air….for some reason…and then 7 minutes later…it came back again….yeah…i don’t get it. not at all….

Then somebody im’ed my station ID and asked if I was free this weekend….if I wanted to hang out….I told him I was getting married in three weeks. Then he asked if I had a sister over 22. Sheesh. The dude doesn’t even know what I look like. Kinda creepy. But…no…it’s creepy.

Here’s my playlist….

Artist – Song – Album

Fantastic Plastic Machine – Bossa 4 Jackie

Populous – Hip Hop Cocotte – Queue 4 Love

Vox Vermillion – Freeways and Highways – Standing Still You Move Forward

DMX Krew – Echelon – Transactional Interpretation

Erase Errata – Let’s Be Active C/O Club Hot

Volcano, I’m still Excited – In Green – s/t

Apples in Stereo – Look Away

Mice Parade – s/t

Joanna Newsome – Sprout and the Bean – The Milk-eyed Mender

Wilderness – Mirrored Palm – s/t

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Stranded in your Love

Parts and Labor – Take Us Back – 7″

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – How Long Do I have to Wait for you?

Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth –

Boy Robot – Super Scorer – Rotten Cocktails

Numbers – We Like Having Things – Art Rocker Sampler

Tipsy – Hard Petting – 12″

Sufjan Stevens – They Are Night Zombies – Illinois

Tullycraft – The Lives of Cleopatra – City of Subarus

X-Ray Spex – Germfree Adolescents – Germfree Adolescents

Ron of Japan – – 7″

Deerhoof – Come See the Duck – Green Cosmos

Ellen Allien – Come

Won Tons – Shanghai Saturday – 7″

Mob Stereo – White Dreams – Too Young to Go Steady

Tomorrowland – Spiaea

Electronica at Koo’s in Long Beach

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Last month, I checked out a KSPC Presents concert at Koo’s in Long Beach. Kid 606 headlined the event. All the artists dished out some loud loud electronica music. It reminded my poor ears how old I am. i was impressed how all the DJ’s didn’t need to preview any of the tracks they mixed into their boards.

Electronica at Koo's in Long Beach

Eats Tapes kicked off the night with some amplifed kid’s toy. It warped into a delightful set that the teenage hipsters could bop around to. The boy-girl duo looked happy to keep their audience dancing. The crowd was different from you standard club scene – where people were more interested in flagging down a bartender or freaking the next eleventeen in a go-go booth. At Koo’s – folks were clean (no booze available) and they were interested in the music. Eat Tapes had a playful mix of ACID, jungle and hardcore. I’m reviewing their new CD, Sticky Buttons, for the station. Mark liked the CD.
Eats Tapes in Long Beach
“I didn’t recognize them because my ears weren’t bleeding,” he said, after I told him who was on the CD.

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Let me hear you say this shit is bananas…

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Yesterday, we stopped by Tower Records in Brea to return some stuff. I saw line waiting outside the ticket window. Some folks had a nice set-up of lawn seats and coolers. I asked the cashier what tickets they’re waiting for. She told me it was for Gwen Stefani.

“We have an angry mob out there,” she said. Apparently, some new employee told these fans they had to line-up 2 hours before the store opened up at 10 AM – in ordered to have a shot at these tickets. The tickets went on sale at noon.

Despite staking out their spot in line, the store issued colored wristbands. Basically, they didn’t have to be up at 8 AM on a Sunday morning to get tickets for Gwen.

No order they were pissed.