Electronica at Koo’s in Long Beach

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Last month, I checked out a KSPC Presents concert at Koo’s in Long Beach. Kid 606 headlined the event. All the artists dished out some loud loud electronica music. It reminded my poor ears how old I am. i was impressed how all the DJ’s didn’t need to preview any of the tracks they mixed into their boards.

Electronica at Koo's in Long Beach

Eats Tapes kicked off the night with some amplifed kid’s toy. It warped into a delightful set that the teenage hipsters could bop around to. The boy-girl duo looked happy to keep their audience dancing. The crowd was different from you standard club scene – where people were more interested in flagging down a bartender or freaking the next eleventeen in a go-go booth. At Koo’s – folks were clean (no booze available) and they were interested in the music. Eat Tapes had a playful mix of ACID, jungle and hardcore. I’m reviewing their new CD, Sticky Buttons, for the station. Mark liked the CD.
Eats Tapes in Long Beach
“I didn’t recognize them because my ears weren’t bleeding,” he said, after I told him who was on the CD.

Knifehandchop was up next. He engineered his mix of hardcore electronica from his sweet little laptop. His music seemed edgier and darker. After the concert, a DJ from KUCI got him to sign one of her CD’s. He seemed quite approachable.

At the end of his set, he played a request. It was an extreme departure from the fast-pumping music he mixed up….but he didn’t care…he said he wanted to fullfill the request for that mellow track. I thought that was quite sweet of him.

Kid 606 in Long Beach

Kid 606 was the climax of the event. I should have brought some ear plugs. His music was certainly more sophisticated and more confident than the other DJ’s. His entire set was high-engry – and it left the crowd breathless and crawling to the exits. Loud. Fun. Loud.

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