Episode 2: Redux

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OK – and by request – here’s the my second podcast.

Listen to Episode 2.

I also got a note from the station manager at KYOU Radio in San Francisco:
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your show, Queenkv’s Oral Fixation – Episode 2, has been scheduled to run on KYOURADIO. We’ve put it in the lineup for this Thursday Oct 27th at 3:00 am (PT)

So you can listen to this podcast online or at 3:30 on 1550 KYCY-AM. Cheers!
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Back to the Beginning…

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OK – I think I’ve done this before for podcasts……I’m posting the first two episodes of my podcasts – by request.

Listen to Episode 1.
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Last DJ Show in California – SO SAD

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Wow…it was a 8-10AM shift….it had a news report in the last half hour….it was sweet and sad. I don’t want to leave – but I am…taking off for Kansas this Sunday for my next adventure.

So – here’s my playlist from the show. Lot’s of my new favorite albums were mixed in. I’ll keep podcasting while I’m in Kansas. We’ll see if I can find a college radio station to start up the DJ thing – once I get to the Golden City – Topeka.

Artist – Song – Album

I am the World Trade Center – Teddy Breakfast – 12″

Kid Koala – Fender Bender – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Boom Box 2000 – Orange Jam – Hits ang Giggles

Flux Capcitor – Watching the Sunset for the Last Time on Earth – 7″

Palaxy Tracks – Up My Sleeve – 12 Rooms

Liza Kate – ? – 7″ split w/Rachel Jacobs

Neon Blonde – Wings Made Out of Noise

Dr. No – All By Myself (instrumental) – 12″

Kid 606 – Banana Peel – Resillience

Brother Cleve – School of Robots – Dimension Mix

DMX Krew – Echelon – 12″

Cockroach Huxtable – The Big Tree Close to the Ditch – Mme. Disco Technique

Broken Social Scene – Stomach Song – Feels Good Lost

Snow Machine – Camel Highlights – S/T

Warlocks – Baby Blue – Phoenix EP

Iron and Wine + Calexico – He Lays in the Reins – In the Reins

Violent Fingers – Truest Form – S/T EP

Holland/Skin/Tunnel – Maximum Bo Jungle – 12″

Adult. – Strange Mistakes – Gimme Trouble

AM – Hard Stomper Mix – Mainstay Remix EP

Deerhoof – Twin Killers – The Runners Four

Free Kitten w/DJ Spooky – Never Gonna Sleep – 12″

Oranger – Flying Pretend – New Comes and Goes

Michael Andrews – 5 on a Joyride – Me You And Everyone We Know

The Sharp Ease – Advantage – Going Modern

Point Juncture, WA – Cardboard Rock – PDX Pop Now! 2005

Sleater Kinney – You’re No Rock ‘N’ Roll Fun – 7″

Freezepop – Parlez-vous Freezepop? – Little Darla Has a Treat For You vol. 22

Death Cab For Cutie – Photobooth – Forbidden Love EP

Concert Round-up

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My honey and I saw a bunch of concerts this fall and summer. Here ‘s a round-up of the shows.

I heard about this Dead Can Dance concert during KCRW’s fundraiser. Mark’s a fan of their global/electronica/heavenly music. This is the first time he saw them live in concert.

“Their first tour in nine years! Dead Can Dance is known as one of the most influential forces in modern music. Blending ethereal gothic pop with textured European folk music, vocalist Lisa Gerrard and guitarist Brendan Perry first began creating hypnotic soundscapes 25 years ago.”
[from the Hollywood Bowl website]

Dead Can Dance sounded sublime. They were backed up by the Hollywood Orchestra and the combination made the music sound enchanting and rich in harmonies.

Lisa Gerrard’s voice floated over their pounding drums – stilling the heart and opening the mind.

Dead Can Dance got people out of their seats and pulsating to the music. It was a hell of an experience.

Nouvelle Vague opened for Dead Can Dance. They’re from France. They did acousitc/lounge covers of rock and punk bands. I enjoyed their version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk to Fuck.” Imagine a cute and breathy female voice crooning: “You give me head
It makes it worse
Take out your fuckin’ retainer
Put it in your purse”

Really sweet stuff.

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Queenkv’s Aural Fixations – Episode 6

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Listen now!

Another podcast from the City of Angels. Cute music from Four Tet and the Fantastic Plastic Machine. It’s sweet enough to rot your teeth. A dash of indie rock by Death Cab for Cutie. The sugar pop set is balanced out with some soulful tunes and electronica.

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I’m trying to fit in a few fill-in DJ shifts at the station….I don’t have much time before I go….but it’s nice to do something on a semi-regular basis. something like doing DJ shifts.

Damn, I’m going to miss LA and Southern California.

I got props from John from the Jazz show. I showed up five minutes before the beginning of the shift and managed to transition into an Underground show with less than a minute to go on his last track. He was impressed.

I got a bit distracted at Rhino Records. The store is about 5 minutes away from the station and I picked up some musical goodies for my hubby. I wonder if they have something like Rhino Records in Topeka…do they?

Artist – Song – Album

Oh Astro – Everything is Go! – Hello World

Tomas Anderson – Washing Up – 12″

Le Tigre – On Guard (En Garde Remix) – 12″

Chicks on Speed – For All The Boys in the World – The Unreleases

Tracy and the Plastics – Dawn Feather – Split EP w/Gossip

Xiu Xiu – Pox – La Foret

Dub Narcotic Sound System – Wasted Groove Remix – 7″

Populous – Hip Hop Cocotte – Queue for Love

Miss Mary – That’s How I Feel – Hey Blue!

Oranger – Radiowave – New Comes and Goes

Anna Domino – Zanna – Girlz: Women Ahead of their Time

Get-go – Jittery – 7″

Motormark – I’m about to do something – Chrome Tape

Deerhoof – Dog on the Sidewalk – Milk Man

Apples in Stereo – Liza Jane – Dimension Mix

Fantastic Plastic Machine – I’m Bruce – Dimension Mix

Bran Flakes – Electronic Cantana – Bounces!

Takako Minekawa – Fantastic Voyage – Fun9

Russian Futurists – Hurtin 4 Certain – Our Thickness

Death from Above – Romantic Rights – Romantic Rights EP

Magnetic Fields – Jeremy – The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees

Magnetic Fields – 2 Characters in Search of a Country Song – The Charm of the Highway Strip

Iron and Wine + Calexico – He Lays in the Reins – In the Reins

Mates of State – Invitation Inn – 7″

Dear Nora – Oxygen and the Mellow – Mountain Rock

Palaxy Tracks – Camera – Twelve Rooms

California Oranges – Falling Back – Little Darla has a treat for you, vol. 23

Mascara Sue – Hole – 7″

13 + God – Men of Station – Men of Station EP

Emma – Sexton Blake – PDX Pop Now! 2005

DJ Me DJ You – Soul Transportation – Dimension Mix

Hey You!

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So…I got an e-mail from KYOU Radio.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your show, Queenkv’s Aural Fixation – Episode 3, has been scheduled to run on KYOURADIO. We’ve put it in the lineup for this Saturday Oct 15th at 4:00 am (PT). And there’s also a good chance that it will be repeated as well.”

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Queenkv’s Aural Fixations – Episode 5

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Another podcast from the City of Angles – we mix up some whimsical tracks with indie rock and geek rock – They Might Be Giants, Felix da Housecat, State of Bengal and more. I also have a CD review on new music by Bottom of the Hudson.

Listen Now!

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Queenkv back on KSPC

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So, I found out around 11 AM that they needed me to do a fill-in show…since I’m living the life of a “kept woman” – I figured, why not. Besides, my brand spankin’ new marriage license says I’m a DJ by trade…so I better start acting like one :)

Here’s my play list:

Artist – Song – Album

Joan of Arc – Onomatopoepic Animal Faces – Joan of Arc, Dick Cheny, Mark Twain

Vox Vermillion – Wanter – Standing Still You Move Forward

Cat Power – Paths of Victory (Bob Dylan Cover) – The Covers Record

Iron and Wine + Calexico – 16, Maybe Less – In the Reins

Japancakes – Untitled 2 – Waking Hours

Xiu Xiu – - 7″ split with Devendra Banhart

Bangs – Chocolate Cobwebs – Tiger Beat

Mob Stereo – Chinatown – Too Young to Go Steady

Go Go Go Airheart – Judgement/Pressure – 7″

General Electric – Facing the Void – Cliquety Klick

Daedelus – Move On – Exquisite Corpse

Lyrics Born – Radio – 12″

Malcom Kipe – Austin Jewels – Breakspiriacy Theories

Sleater Kinney – Maraca – 7″

Oranger – Crooked in the weird of the Catacombs – New Comes and Goes

Death from Above – Dead Womb – Heads Up

Oneida – The Beginning is Nigh – The Wedding

Dinosaur Jr. – Let it Ride – You’re Living All Over Me

Tuxedo Killers – Don’t Rape the Okapi – 7″

Tuxedo Killers – Eagle Piss Dreams – 7″

Gossip – Sleepers – Real Damage EP w/ Tracy and the Plastics

Neon Blonde – Dead Mellotron

Volt – Stupor – 12″

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Toby Takes a Bow – Twinkle Echo

Blevin Blectum – The Way the Cookie Crumbles in the Horse’s Mouth – Talon Salome

DMX Krew – The Pleasure Zone – 12″

Knifehandchop – Dancehall Seizure

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Credit – Worn Copy

Geno Delafosse – Gotta Find My Woman – Rough Guide to Zydeco

The Pope – Boots and Pants – Jazzman Cometh

BowWowWow – C-30, C-60, C-90 – Girlz

Oh Astro – Lame Arm Qwert – Hello World

Deerhoof – Byun – Green Cosmos

Michael Andrew – I’m Not Following You – Me, You and Everyone We Know

My Odeo Channel

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Hey folks…for all you Odeo fans – my episodes of Queenkv’s Aural Fixation is also available on my Odeo Channel (odeo/0562e3d7002c0774)