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My honey and I saw a bunch of concerts this fall and summer. Here ‘s a round-up of the shows.

I heard about this Dead Can Dance concert during KCRW’s fundraiser. Mark’s a fan of their global/electronica/heavenly music. This is the first time he saw them live in concert.

“Their first tour in nine years! Dead Can Dance is known as one of the most influential forces in modern music. Blending ethereal gothic pop with textured European folk music, vocalist Lisa Gerrard and guitarist Brendan Perry first began creating hypnotic soundscapes 25 years ago.”
[from the Hollywood Bowl website]

Dead Can Dance sounded sublime. They were backed up by the Hollywood Orchestra and the combination made the music sound enchanting and rich in harmonies.

Lisa Gerrard’s voice floated over their pounding drums – stilling the heart and opening the mind.

Dead Can Dance got people out of their seats and pulsating to the music. It was a hell of an experience.

Nouvelle Vague opened for Dead Can Dance. They’re from France. They did acousitc/lounge covers of rock and punk bands. I enjoyed their version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk to Fuck.” Imagine a cute and breathy female voice crooning: “You give me head
It makes it worse
Take out your fuckin’ retainer
Put it in your purse”

Really sweet stuff.

Last Sept – we went to a Hurricane Katrina Relief Benefit Show at the Hotel Cafe. Dawn Thomas was one of the performers. She had a nice set of bluesy/indie/funky songs.

I also heard about the show from KCRW. We wanted to donate to the Red Cross – we figured the concert would be good place to start doing that.

Jenni Alpert also performed. A dreamy singer on the piano and guitar.

The Hotel Cafe just finished renovations. It’s planning on expanding it’s food offerings and going towards a sit-down meal atmosphere. It’ll still have cool live music and dancing….with food.

I loved Sara Bareilles. She had this sweet voice with sass and longing. Almost a blend of Fionna Apple and Alicia Keyes – but a classy piano style that’s all her own.

I managed to catch a little bit of her tune with my little camera.

And finally….from last August….

This summer, I managed to score a couple of tickets to the Tegan and Sara concert in Hollywood. Mark and I caught the show after our tango class at Cal Tech.

My cousin gave me their “So Jealous” CD a few months ago. I was able to pop along with the crowd and mouth their lyrics. During the concert, I enjoyed the title song, along with “I Know I Know I Know” and “Take Me Anywhere.” We were surrounded by a young high school/college age crowd – mainly females.

I picked up a concert t-shirt and some buttons. Earlier that week, I gave away a pair of tickets to Tegan and Sara on my radio show. The listener who won the tickets was so estatic. She couldn’t believe she won the tix. I couldn’t find her at the show – but I’m sure she had a good time.

Tegan and Sara were adorable on stage. They had a lot of love for their audience. Apparently, the females in the crowd had a lot of love for this Canadian pop duo. Tegan talked about how they have a bunch of bra’s from strangers, pinned up in their dressing room. At other concerts, girls would un-snap their bra’s and toss them up on stage. Tegan assured the crowd that they didn’t get the whole “tossing the bra on the stage” thing. She invited the girls to get their bra’s back, if they were still in the audience.

So, the concert got a little more interesting for Mark. He kept waiting for somebody to toss another bra on stage. He didn’t have to wait along. In the middle of their “I Know I Know I Know” set.

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