Queenkv’s Aural Fixation – Episode 11

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Another podcast from the Heartland. It’s a fun show and it features music by the Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie and more. I also have some concert highlights from Lawrence – Aubrey and Ghost in Light.

Listen now!

Here’s the playlist…

Song – Artist – Album
Machine Gun Honey – Aubrey – Honey and the Shame

Evil Happy Jack – Ghost In Light – Dead Eyes And A Traveling Mind

Crooked Teeth – Death Cab For Cutie – Plans

She Hates Love Songs – Katie Davis – Movie
Vegas- Sara Bareilles

This Place Is A Prison – The Postal Service – Give Up

Megaman 2: Dr. Wiley – The Advantage – The Advantage

Science GeniusGirl (lameboy remix) – Freezepop – fashion impression function EP

Vandervoom – Eats Tapes – Sticky Buttons

Mic Break Music
Mushrooms (Salt Lake City Orchestra Out There Mix) – Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads/Miss Kitten – Radio Caroline Volume 1

Queenkv’s Aural Fixations – Teaser for Episode 11

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Just a taste of things to come….

Listen now.