Hello World, Again

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Just upgraded to WordPress 2.7. Playing around with what’s under the hood.

Coming up for my Aural Fixations: Counting down to the New Year with an episode about Numbers. Got any requests? Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


Last.FM and Queenkv

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I started using last.fm this week. It’s been fun exploring similar artists and adding the app to my facebook profile. However, some songs ended up stalling in the player.

Still, an interesting way to learn about new and favorite artists.

DJ Diva takes on WordPress

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Here’s my next blog to move over to WordPress…so far…so good. On to tweaking the site to make it podcast friendly…

FCC Declares war on SF Liberation Radio

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Infoshop News reports that San Francisco Liberation Radio Raided by FCC, federal marshalls, and local cops – yesterday.

One KALX-er posted this to our mailing list – yesterday:
“As I type this (1PM, Wed) Federal Marshals and the FCC are raiding the house where S.F. Liberation Radio broadcasts their pirate signal. The radi pirates have been battling the FCC for a couple months over their ability to broadcast a low-power FM signal, for a while they had the support of the City of San Francisco, but now it looks very very bad.”

Gene Simmons Says Corporate America is Cool….

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Blogcritics posted this interesting blog on a quote by Gene Simmons – “Corporate America is cool.”

Granted, everything about KISS is marketable – right down to the KISS coffins and credit cards – yes, I saw these items on a Jay Leno interview. But it certainly strikes an odd vibe with my overall image of Simmons – an angry punk rocker ready to take on Corporate America….

Who knows, maybe he already did – transforming American consumerism into his own image…..

no…you can’t kill yourself at a concert…

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…because the judge said so. so there.

NEWS.com.au reports that Circuit Court Judge John Lenderman blocked the group Hell on Earth – from peforming a concert that scheduled to have a terminally ill person commit suicide.

Spiritualized – a recent addition to our music library

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dotmusic posted this review on Spiritualized’s concert at the Electric Ballroom in London.

Burial Plans in place for Robert Palmer

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Robert Palmer to be buried at home in Switzerland

“Palmer, whose career highlights included the stylish music videos “Addicted to Love” and “Didn’t Mean to Turn You On,” died Friday of an apparent heart attack in Paris. He was 54.”


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You have navigated to my musical cyber home.

If you don’t know….

I have a show on KALX Berkeley, 90.7 FM – every other Saturday mornings – 6 to 9 AM…..is that early enough for you?

So….check this site for my playlists, lyrics, and other goodies…..

Any requests? Please email dj@queenkv.org – and we’ll see what we can do….

have fun